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About item types


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What is an item?

What item types are available in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks items represent everything that can be a line item on a sale or purchase form-for example, services and products you sell, things you buy, discounts you offer, and assets you own. You use items when you create invoices, fill out checks, create purchase orders, or buy new equipment.

While they provide a quick means of data entry, a much more important role for items is to handle the behind-the-scenes accounting. When you create an item, you link it to an account; when the item is used on a form, it posts an entry to that account and another entry to the appropriate accounts receivable, accounts payable, checking, fixed asset, or other account.

While items are easy to set up, you should spend some time deciding how they can best work for you before you start setting them up and using them. Use your current list of services and products as a starting point. Consider how much detail you want on your invoices or statements and set up your items with that level of detail in mind. For example, if you are a seamstress who creates and sells home accessories, you can set up a single item and charge a flat rate for a certain size of couch pillow, or you can break that pillow down further into labor and materials.

If you're a QuickBooks Pro user, you can't create new inventory assembly items. You can view and edit inventory assembly items from the Item list in any edition of QuickBooks, and you can also view and edit the transactions that use them. If you want to do more with inventory assembly items, learn how to upgrade your version of QuickBooks.

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