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What's important in the Change Item Prices window

Use this window to raise or lower the sales prices for items. You can enter the new prices directly, or you can have QuickBooks calculate the new prices by adjusting prices up or down.

Important fields

Item Type

Select the type of item that you want to reprice:

  • Service: Services that you either charge for or purchase. Examples include specialized labor, consulting hours, and professional fees.

  • Inventory Part: Goods (individual items) you purchase, track as inventory, and resell.

  • Non-inventory Part: Goods you purchase, track as inventory, and resell. QuickBooks cannot track manufacturing inventory for products that you build and sell.

  • Other Charge: Miscellaneous labor, material, or part charges (such as delivery charges, setup fees, and service charges).

New Price column

Enter the new price for the item here.

You can also click in the field and enter a price as a formula. When you press Enter, QuickBooks calculates the price.

Adjust prices

Click Adjust to change prices by an amount or percentage above or below a base price.

Checkmark column

Click in this column (Checkmark) next to each item that requires a price change.

To enter a checkmark next to every item, click Select All. To remove all checkmarks, click Select None.

Adjust sales price of checked items by (amount or %)

Enter a number followed by the % sign to increase the price by a percentage.

Enter only a number to increase the price by a specific amount.

Note: You can enter a negative number in this field to decrease a price.

Current Sales Price

The Current Price column shows the price that will be used for all sales transactions.

You can change the current price.

Unit Cost

Unit Cost
11/21/2017 1:18:38 PM
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