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Pending assembly build overview

A build can be marked "pending" if there are not enough component parts in inventory to build inventory assembly units at build time. Marking builds as pending enables you to set up assemblies, even if you don't have enough inventory on hand to build them immediately, or to schedule builds to complete at a later date.

How can I use a pending build?

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When a build is pending, a watermark appears in the Build Assemblies window to remind you the build has not been finalized and these assemblies are not yet available in inventory. As soon as enough component units become available you can finalize the build and add the specified number of assembly items to inventory.

If you modify or delete a previous build transaction, modify inventory quantities, or delete or add purchase orders, invoices, or sales receipts, assembly builds that were finalized could be changed to pending. You can use the pending builds report to see a list of all builds that are currently pending.

How do I open the Pending Builds report?

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