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Check your inventory status

You can get the following information about your inventory by checking its status:

You can check the status of:

  • A single inventory item

    To do this task

    1. Click Home.

    2. In the Company section, click Items & Services. Shortcut

    3. Double-click an inventory item.

    4. QuickBooks displays the total quantity on hand at the bottom of the window.

    5. (Optional) If you have Advanced Inventory enabled, click the Inventory Site Info button to check the status of the inventory item at each site (Available only in Enterprise Solutions. For more information, visit www.qbes.com/inventory. Additional fees may apply).

  • Your entire inventory

    To do this task

    1. Click the Report Center icon at the top of the QuickBooks window.

    2. Click Inventory at the left of the Report Center window and then click one of the following:

      • Stock Status by Item, which lists your inventory items alphabetically by item code.

      • Stock Status by Vendor, which groups your inventory items by preferred vendor. This helps you reorder easily.

    3. To see which inventory items you need to reorder, look at the Order column.

      A checkmark in this column means that your stock of the item has fallen below your reorder point. To determine whether you need to reorder, QuickBooks takes into account the quantity you currently have on order. If the quantity on hand plus the quantity on order is less than the reorder point, QuickBooks puts a checkmark in the Order column.

    4. To create a report that shows how QuickBooks calculated the average cost for a particular item, double-click that item in the report.

      Average cost (definition) goes here
    5. If you want a hard copy of either report, click Print.

    6. (Optional) Make any necessary changes to the print options.

      What's important about the Print Reports window goes here
    7. Click Print.

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