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Find an assembly build transaction

Find a completed (final) build transaction

Using the Advanced Find feature

  1. Go to the Edit menu and click Find.

  2. Click the Advanced tab.

  3. In the Choose Filter section, click Transaction Type in the Filter list.

  4. Click the Transaction Type drop-down arrow and click Build Assembly.

  5. Click Find.

  6. Double-click a build to open the build transaction.

Using the Previous and Next buttons in the Build Assemblies window

  1. Go to the Vendors menu, click Inventory Activities, and then click Build Assemblies.

  2. Click Previous and Next to display existing builds in sequential order by date.

Using the Inventory Item QuickReport

  1. Click Home.

  2. In the Company section, click Items & Services.

  3. Click the assembly item whose build transaction you want to view.

  4. Click Reports at the bottom of the Item List window and then click QuickReport: [assembly name].

  5. In the report, double-click the build transaction you want to view.

Find a pending build transaction

To do this task

  1. Click the Report Center icon at the top of the QuickBooks window.

  2. Click Inventory at the left of the Report Center window and then click Pending Builds.

  3. In the report, double-click the build transaction you want to view.

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