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Mark a pending inventory assembly build as final

To mark an inventory assembly build as final, you must have enough components in inventory to meet the requirements specified in the Bill of Materials.

To do this task

  1. If the build is not already displayed in the Build Assemblies window, find the build and open it.

    1. Click the Report Center icon at the top of the QuickBooks window.

    2. Click Inventory at the left of the Report Center window, and then click Pending Builds.

    3. In the report, double-click the build to open it in the Build Assemblies window.

  2. In the Date field, enter today's date and press Tab so that the quantities in the Qty On Hand column and for Maximum number you can build from the quantity on hand reflect current inventory quantities.

  3. If the quantity for Maximum number you can build from the quantity on hand is at least as much as the Quantity to Build, click Remove Pending Status to mark the build as final.

    Note: If you changed the Bill of Materials after you marked the current assembly build pending, when you remove the pending status QuickBooks will ask if you want to use the original Bill of Materials or the new one to build this assembly item.

  4. Click Build & Close or Build & New, and then click Yes to finalize the build.

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