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Take a physical inventory

You can print a worksheet for taking a physical count of your inventory items.

To do this task

  1. Choose Reports > Inventory > Physical Inventory Worksheet.

  2. (Optional) Click Modify to customize the report.

    1. Use the Display tab to change what does or doesn't appear on the report.

    2. Use the Filters tab to narrow the list of items that appear on the report.

  3. Click the Print button.

  4. (Optional) Make changes to the print settings as necessary. More...

    "What's important about the Print Reports window" goes here
  5. Click Print.

  6. Take the printed worksheet with you as you count your inventory items and enter each item quantity in the Physical Count column of the worksheet.

  7. After completing your count, compare the quantities in the Physical Count column to the quantities in the On Hand column on the printed worksheet.

    The on-hand quantities are the quantities currently recorded in QuickBooks.

  8. If there are any discrepancies, make an inventory adjustment to make the on-hand quantities match the physical count quantities.

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