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Change (edit) an item receipt

There may be times when you need to change an item receipt, such as when you return items to a vendor before the bill comes.

To do this task

  1. Go to the Vendors menu and click Receive Items.

  2. Click Find near the top of the Create Item Receipts window.

  3. Fill in any information you know about the item receipt and then click Find.

    If only one item receipt matches the fields you entered, that item receipt immediately appears. If more than one matches, the Find window appears with the matching item receipts listed in the table at the bottom of the window.

  4. (If the Find window appears) Click the item receipt you want to change and then click Go To.

  5. Make the necessary changes to any information in the item receipt.

    Note: To remove an entire line, click in the line and press Ctrl + Del.

  6. Save the item receipt.

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