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Mark an inventory assembly build as pending

When you attempt to build inventory assembly items but don't have enough component parts in stock to build the specified number of assembly units, you can mark a build as pending. Pending builds do not affect component inventory parts and do not appear in any reports except the pending builds report.

Ways to use a pending build

Ways to use a pending build

To do this task

  1. Complete the Build Assemblies form, but do not finalize the build.

    "Build an inventory assembly item" goes here
  2. Go to the Edit menu and click Mark Build As Pending.

    QuickBooks displays and prints "Pending" on the form.

  3. Click OK.

What happens if I change the component list after marking an assembly build as pending?

If you've edited the component list for an assembly since creating a pending transaction to build that assembly, be aware that when you remove the transaction's pending status, the components used (and removed from inventory) during the build may not match the current component list for the assembly.

For example, say you create shelving assembly items that include oak veneer shelves. In anticipation of the next shipment of shelves, you create a build transaction and mark it pending. Your supplier accidentally sends cherry veneer shelves. You reorder the oak veneer shelves, but in the meantime decide to build some cherry veneer shelving units.

When you remove the build transaction's pending status, QuickBooks will prompt you to either build with the newest definition (in this example, cherry veneer) or with the definition currently associated with the build transaction (in this example, oak veneer).

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