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Add addresses to a customer or job

What should I know about adding addresses?

You can add multiple addresses for each of your customers or jobs. You can then choose the address you want to use when you fill out a sales receipt, invoice, credit memo, statement, or sales order.

The first address you enter for any customer or job is automatically selected as the default shipping address. However, you can select a different address as the default at any time.

Important: If you also want to include your own company name and address on printed forms, you need to tell QuickBooks that you want this company information added.

To do this task

  1. Click the Customers icon at the top of the QuickBooks window.

  2. On the Customers & Jobs tab, double-click the customer or job you want to add an address to.


    Click New Customer & Job and click New Customer or Add Job.

    If you're creating a new customer or job, fill out the other information (besides the Ship To address) before going on.

  3. Click Add New below the Ship To address field.

  4. In the Address Name field, enter a short name that will help you select this address when filling out a form.

  5. Fill the address fields.

  6. (Optional) Add a note that explains when to use this address.

  7. If this is the address that will be used the most for this customer or job, select the Default shipping address checkbox at the bottom of the window.


    Click to clear the Default shipping address checkbox.

  8. Click OK.

You can also add an address while filling out a sales form by clicking the Ship To drop-down arrow and clicking .

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