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Why use assembly items?

  • Track finished goods separately from individual inventory items: When you build an assembly, an assembled unit is automatically added to quantity on hand, and its component parts (inventory items or other assembly items) are automatically deducted from quantity on hand. By using assembly items, you always know how many assembled and component items you actually have in stock.

  • Customize the price of assembled items: You can specify a price for an assembly that's different from the sum of its component items.

  • Quick access to information about finished goods: You can easily access the date that items were assembled, the quantity and cost of assembled items, and a detailed list of component items.

  • Set reminders for future builds: You can set a build point, and QuickBooks will remind you to build finished goods when stock is running low. At build time, QuickBooks will verify that you have enough component items in stock to build the specified number of assembly items.

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