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Work with item receipts

Use an item receipt to receive inventory without entering a bill yet. With the Create Item Receipts window, you update inventory quantities as you receive inventory. When you receive the bill later, you'll match it to the item receipts you created.

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Use the Create Item Receipts window to receive inventory. Item receipts increase the quantity of inventory on hand and increase your inventory asset account.

Item receipts record and track the date you received the items. You don't have to create a purchase order to create an item receipt.

You can record item receipts in any sequence to match your actual workflow:

  • Enter an item receipt first if you received items before paying for them.

  • Enter an item receipt against a bill if you paid for the items first.

  • Enter an item receipt against a purchase order if you ordered the items first.

To do this task

  1. Choose Vendors > Receive Items.

  2. Enter the vendor name.

  3. If you entered a purchase order or bill for the items first, click Yes in the Open POs and/or Bills Exist window. Then select the bills and purchase orders to receive against.

  4. Click OK.

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