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Unit of measure set, base unit, related unit

Base unit

The first unit defined in a unit of measure set and is usually the smallest unit of measure used for an item when purchasing it, tracking it in inventory, and selling it. In QuickBooks, the base units of items are used to count inventory, generate most inventory reports, and perform quantity-related calculations.

Important: When you create an inventory item, the cost, sales price, and on hand quantity you enter are all for the base unit.

Related unit

A unit defined by the number of base units it contains. For example, if the base unit is foot, a related unit might be yard, which is defined as containing three feet.

Related units make it possible to show quantities of the same item in different measurements in different places in QuickBooks. For example, you might purchase an item called Cable in spools, count that item in inventory by the foot, and sell it by the yard. By creating a unit of measure set with a base unit of foot and related units of spool (containing 500 feet) and yard, you can enter a quantity of spools on a purchase order, show the item in feet on inventory reports, and enter a quantity of yards on an invoice.

Unit of measure set

Consists of a base unit and any number of related units.

When you create a unit of measure set, you can also specify which unit of measure should appear by default when adding an item to a purchase form, a sales form, and a shipping pick list. You also give the set a name, such as "Length by the foot."

Once you've created a unit of measure set and assigned it to an item, you can easily convert to other units of measure within the set when you add the item to a transaction. Continuing with the previous example, if you add the Cable item to an invoice with a quantity of 10 yards, you could then convert that quantity to 30 feet or 0.06 spools.

Note: Unit of measure sets are available only when Multiple U/M Per Item is selected as the unit of measure mode.

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