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Use the Inventory Center

QuickBooks makes it easy to manage your inventory with the Inventory Center. To open the Inventory Center, choose Inventory > Inventory Center.

The left pane lists your inventory and inventory assembly items. To sort this list, click the View drop-down arrow and select an option.

The top-right pane shows the details for the selected inventory item. The bottom-right pane lists transactions associated with the selected inventory item.

Using the Inventory Center, you can:

Search inventory

If your inventory list is long, you can search for an inventory item.

To do this task

  1. Enter a search term in the Find field.

  2. Press Enter.

Add a new inventory item

To add a new inventory item, click the New Inventory Item drop-down arrow and select to add either one or multiple items.

Add a new transaction

To add a new transaction, click the New Transaction drop-down arrow and select the transaction type.

Run inventory reports

To run inventory-specific reports from the Inventory Center:

  1. Click an item in the inventory list.

  2. In the Reports area on the right side of the window, click a report.

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