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Update QuickBooks version to match version of QuickBooks hosting multi-user access

In some instances, the version (release number) of QuickBooks that is hosting multi-user access must match the version (release number) of QuickBooks that is opening a company file. There are two scenarios when this can occur: either the computer you are using needs to be updated or QuickBooks (or the QuickBooks Server) on another computer needs to be updated.

Before you continue, gather the following information:

  1. Review the message you received and note the name of the computer that needs to be updated.

  2. In all copies of QuickBooks (or the QuickBooks Server) that store or use company files in multi-user mode, make a note of the release of QuickBooks installed.

    Determine release
  3. Based on the release numbers, determine which copies of QuickBooks are not at the higher release number. (If you update QuickBooks on one computer but not the others, those users will receive the same message when they log in to company files.)

Update all QuickBooks that are not at the higher release number

11/22/2017 4:55:33 AM
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