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Exporting/Importing QuickBooks tax information

QuickBooks is an accounting package that helps you organize your tax information and generate and print the appropriate tax forms. You can file these forms in the traditional manner, or you can transfer your tax data to several existing tax software programs.

Before you export or import tax data

Before you transfer tax data from QuickBooks, we strongly recommend that you:

  1. Review the income tax information in your QuickBooks data.

  2. Assign QuickBooks data to the right tax line.

  3. Generate an Income Tax Preparation Report, Income Tax Summary report, and/or an Income Tax Detail report to see what tax information will go to your tax forms.

  4. If you used tax software to prepare your return last year, transfer last year's information into the current year return before exporting or importing your QuickBooks tax data.

Exporting/Importing tax data

To export/import QuickBooks tax information, perform the procedure for your tax software.

To import QuickBooks tax data from TurboTax or TurboTax Business

In TurboTax, go to the File menu and click Import.

To export QuickBooks tax data to ProSeries

To see the menu option in QuickBooks, ProSeries must be installed on the same computer. In QuickBooks, go to the File menu, choose Export, and then click Balances to ProSeries Tax.


In ProSeries, go to the File menu, choose Import, and then click Update Return with QuickBooks data.

To export QuickBooks tax data to Lacerte

To see the menu option in QuickBooks, Lacerte Tax must be installed on the same computer. You can export QuickBooks data to either a new or existing Lacerte file.

Note: All tax line assignments made in QuickBooks will be mapped automatically to the respective Lacerte input fields for a specific tax return.

If you cannot map a QuickBooks account to a Lacerte input field, try mapping it using the Lacerte mapping utility. This mapping utility also includes a report that shows the mapping between QuickBooks and Lacerte fields. Refer to your Lacerte documentation for instructions on using the mapping utility.

After you export or import your tax data

  1. Check your QuickBooks income tax reports against the tax reports in your tax software.

  2. Check the tax form and line to ensure that the QuickBooks tax data shows.

Note: The various reviews and error checks in your tax software program will assist you in successfully completing your return. Refer to your tax software documentation for further information.

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