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Check and correct account distributions

To do this task

  1. Go to the Reports menu, choose Accountant & Taxes, and then click Income Tax Summary. Shortcut

  2. Make sure the date range is for the tax period you want.

    How do I determine my tax report date range?

    The report is initially set to show all tax-related transactions from the last tax year. You'll need to change the date range when you want the report to show tax-related transactions for a different tax year.

  3. If some of the amounts seem incorrect, double-click the amount to create a QuickZoom report.

  4. Look for amounts that shouldn't be included in a tax line's total.

    If an amount doesn't belong, you probably distributed the amount to the wrong income or expense account.

  5. Change the income or expense account for each incorrectly distributed amount:

    • If the amount is income from an item that you sold, go to the Lists menu and click Item List.

    • Select the item from the list.

    • Click Item at the bottom of the list and click Edit Item.


    • In the Edit Item window, enter the name of the correct income account for tracking sales of the item.

    • If the amount is an expense, double-click the amount to open the transaction where the amount appears. On the Expenses tab, enter the correct expense account.

  6. When you are certain that the amounts in the tax summary report are correct, click Print.

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