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What's important about the Company Information window

This window shows basic information you entered about your company when you created your QuickBooks company file. You can review or change your information at any time.

The window is divided into these sections:

  • Contact Information

    Enter your company information as you would like it to appear on printed invoices, checks, and other forms.

    • Phone and fax numbers. QuickBooks automatically enters these numbers on the cover note when you send a fax.

    • E-mail address. QuickBooks automatically enters this information in the From field (return address) when you email invoices, estimates, or statements.

    • Web site URL. QuickBooks doesn't automatically use this information. It's only for reference as part of your company information records.

    You can use the Layout Designer to customize the way this information appears on printed forms.

  • Legal Information

    If your company's legal name and address is different from the name and address you use on printed forms, enter the legal information in the Legal name and Legal address fields. QuickBooks uses your company's legal information on Forms 940, 941, W-2, and W-3.

    Valid characters for your legal name and address

  • Report Information

    First month in your Fiscal and Tax years

    Your selection for the first month in your fiscal year serves as a default setting for the date range for certain reports and graphs. Your selection for the first month in your tax year serves as a default setting for the date range for income tax summary and detail reports.

    Income Tax Form Used

    If you change the tax form, QuickBooks resets all of the associations between accounts and tax lines to . You'll have to reassociate your accounts with tax lines for the new tax form you've chosen.

    What are the benefits of associating a tax line with each account?

  • Company Identification

    Federal Employer Identification Number

    If you process payroll through an Intuit Payroll Service, you must enter your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) in the Company Information window. If you need to change your federal EIN for any reason, you must change it in the Company Information window in QuickBooks, as well as with the payroll service.

    To change your federal EIN:

    1. In the Company Information window, go to the Company Identification section and change the EIN in Federal Employer Identification No.

    2. Click OK to save the change.

    3. Choose Employees > My Payroll Service. Then click Change Payroll Service Options.

    4. Click the Add to my Subscription button, and then follow the onscreen instructions for adding a new EIN to your payroll subscription.

    How do I get a federal EIN?

    How do I get information about the payroll services?

    Social Security Number

    If you don't use an Intuit payroll service, you can use your Social Security Number (SSN) for tax identification.

  • Payroll Tax Form Information

    Payroll Tax Form Information
  • Payroll Identification

    Payroll Identification
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