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Register QuickBooks if you are installing on a new computer

Having trouble registering QuickBooks? Contact Intuit by phone.

If you install QuickBooks on a new computer, you need to register again.

Note: QuickBooks will prompt you to register if it's required. Not all situations require you to reregister (such as reinstalling QuickBooks on the same computer). If you need to reregister, you must provide the ZIP code and phone number used to register the original product.

To see whether your copy of QuickBooks is registered, press the F2 key. The Product Information window displays either REGISTERED or UNREGISTERED based on the registration status.

To do this task

  1. Choose Help > Register QuickBooks.

    "Register QuickBooks" isn't on the Help menu.

    If you don't see Register QuickBooks on the Help menu, this copy of QuickBooks has already been registered, or you are using the QuickBooks trial version. You can't register the QuickBooks trial version. You must purchase a QuickBooks product to register it.

  2. In the Register QuickBooks window, click Begin Registration.

  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to register QuickBooks.

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