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About QuickBooks licenses (an overview)

A QuickBooks license determines the number of individuals who can use QuickBooks.

Multi-user access to QuickBooks allows individuals to work in QuickBooks company files at the same time. For multi-user access to company files in QuickBooks Pro or Premier, you can either purchase more than one single-user license or a multi-user license. QuickBooks Pro offers a 3-user license and QuickBooks Premier offers a 5-user license. A maximum of five users can use a company file at the same time.

If you have more than five users who need to use QuickBooks at the same time, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions (QBES) offers a 5-user, 10-user, 15-user, 20-user, 25-user, or 30-user Value Pack license. Additional 5-user seats can be added to increase the number of users simultaneously accessing a QBES data file (up to a maximum of 30). These seats are available only in increments of five users. New seats are installed using the same license and product number used for the original installation.

If you have more than five users who need to use QuickBooks at the same time, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions (QBES) is available with a 5-user, 10-user, or 30-user license.

If you would like to add additional user licenses to your existing QuickBooks license, you can do so right in QuickBooks. Choose Help > Manage My License > Buy Additional User Licenses.

Note: QuickBooks Pro and Premier products only allow five people to use one company file simultaneously. Therefore, the option to buy additional licenses is not available for these products.

Single-user licenses

If you purchased a single user license of QuickBooks, you may install QuickBooks on one computer for access and use by only one specific person; and, you may install QuickBooks on one additional portable computer so long as only the same specific person accesses and uses the software.


If you use QuickBooks at the office but also need to use QuickBooks at home, the single-user QuickBooks license allows you to install the software on your portable computer for use at home.

Multi-user licenses

There are two ways you can purchase licenses for multi-user access to QuickBooks Pro or Premier.

  • If you purchased a multi-user 5 pack license, you can use this 5 pack license for QuickBooks on up to 5 computers. You may access and use QuickBooks only by the number of specific persons corresponding to the number of user licenses you purchased, with no substitution of such users (for example, if you have a 5 user license pack and you have 10 employees in your company, the original 5 specific persons who were initially provided with access to and use of QuickBooks, are the only persons licensed to use QuickBooks unless you purchase additional licenses). You can install QuickBooks on 1 additional computer above the number of the license(s) you purchased, solely to accompany your software data file, and not for use of QuickBooks by another user. You may place a copy of your software data files on a network for access by licensed users but you are not permitted to network QuickBooks software.

  • If you purchased more than one single-user license for multi-user access to QuickBooks, you can use QuickBooks on the number of computers corresponding to the number of licenses you have purchased. The maximum number of single-user licenses that can access a company file at one time is five.

Renew your license

QuickBooks will let you know if your license is about to expire.

To renew your license by phone:

  1. Navigate to the Help menu.

  2. Click Renew By Phone.

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to renew your license.

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