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Can't find a transaction?

Try a different set of filter selections:

  1. Click Reset to clear the current selections.

  2. Using the Advanced tab of the Find window, enter the new filter selections then click Find.

    Tip 1: Try searching for only transactions of a particular type. For example, if you are looking for a check, select Transaction Type from the Filter scroll box. Click the Transaction Type drop-down list and choose Check. Make sure that you are not using other filters (Date, for example) that could restrict the search to certain checks and not others.

    Tip 2: For some types of transactions, it may not be obvious which filter to use. For example, you can create five different types of "checks" in QuickBooks: checks, bill payments, sales tax payments, paychecks, and payroll liability checks. Each has its own filter.

    Tip 3: The Posting Status filter can affect search results. For example, setting this filter to Non-Posting limits the search to estimates, purchases, and pending sales-that is, to transactions that do not post amounts to a register.

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