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Restore backups overview

The backup file (.qbb) contains copies of all of the data you need to re-create your company file (.qbw) and QuickBooks environment, including your supporting files (such as templates, letters, images, and so on).

How to restore a backup file

When to restore a backup file

  • If your current company file is damaged, you can restore a backup that was made before the damage occurred.

  • If you need to recover lost data, you can restore a backup that was made before the data was lost.

  • If you received a backup file from an accountant, use the restore feature to convert the backup to a usable company file on your own computer. Keep in mind that this will overwrite any changes you've made after the date the backup file was created.

  • If you need to move your QuickBooks environment to a new machine, you can restore a backup file to the new location.

How the restore process works

To use the backup file, you must first restore the backup file using the restore wizard. When you restore the backup:

  • Your backup file (.qbb) is restored as a company file (.qbw) to the location you specify in the restore wizard.

  • Supporting files (such as templates, letters, logos, and images) are restored to a separate folder named \Restored_(company filename)Files so as not to overwrite the existing files on your computer. You can also find your restored Financial Statement Designer, Cash Flow Projector, Business Planner, and Loan Manager files if you are using these features.

You can begin using the restored company file right away. However, you'll need to copy any supporting files that you need from the \Restored_(company filename)Files folder back to their original folders. The file HowToRestoreExternalFiles.txt located in the same folder describes how to do this.

Important: Be sure to read the file HowToRestoreExternalFiles.txt before restoring your supporting files. When you copy these files back to their original folders, you'll overwrite any changes made since the backup was created.

Common questions

Can I restore only a part of a company file or data from a specific date range?

No. Restore can't update part of your company data or data for specific date ranges. When you restore a backup file, all data in that backup file is in the restored company file.

Why is the data in the restored file not current?

The restored file contains only data entered before the backup was created. Make sure you're using the most recent backup file.

Can I recover data that I entered after my last backup?

External expando.

Can I restore a backup file from a newer version of QuickBooks into a previous version?

No. Backups will only restore from the version in which they were created, or from previous versions of QuickBooks. You can't restore backup files from a version newer than the one you're using. To find out which version of QuickBooks the backup file was created with, right-click the backup file, click Properties, click the QuickBooks tab, and note the version listed in the last Archived with field.

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