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Copying a company file using Windows

If you don't want to move your company file using the portable company file feature in QuickBooks, you can copy the company file using Windows. Because the copied company file isn't compressed, we recommend that you use a CD or flash drive.

  1. Open the directory in which the QuickBooks company file is located.

    Browse to or search for the data file, which will have a .qbw file extension (for example, mycompanyname.qbw). When moving a file from a network server, browse to the network drive on which the data file is located.

  2. Copy the QuickBooks company (.qbw) file and the corresponding transaction log (.qbw.tlg) file.

    The transaction log file has the same name as the company file, but with a .qbw.tlg extension. It's located in the same directory as the QuickBooks company (.qbw) file.

    If you're moving an Accountant's Copy, the review copy will have a .qba extension and the transaction log file for it will have a .qba.tlg extension.

  3. Paste the files in the new location.

    If you're moving the files to a network server

    When moving files to a network server, browse to the network drive you want to use and paste the files in that location. This location must be shared and mapped. If you need assistance, see your network administrator.

    Once you have moved the files to a network server, you can use the copied company file. Choose File > Open or Restore Company.

    If you are using removable media (such as a CD or flash drive)

    Paste the files to the removable media, and then take the media to the computer to which you want to copy the files.

    Once you've moved the files to the new computer, right-click the company file and choose Properties. If the Read-only checkbox at the bottom of the Properties window is selected, clear the selection and click OK.

    You're now ready to use the company file. Choose File > Open or Restore Company.

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