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Back up and restore a synced company file

If your company file is synced with online services using the Intuit Sync Manager, use one of these methods to back up and restore your file. In most cases, this will help you avoid having to reupload the company file after it's restored. Why should I avoid this?

Making a backup for you or your accountant to work on elsewhere

If you or your accountant will work on the backup and you plan to restore it later, use one of these methods to avoid having to reupload your file:

  • If possible, use an Accountant's Copy instead of a regular backup. If you can use this format, there's no need to suspend sync while the backup is being worked on or to reupload your company file after it's restored.

  • Create a full, local backup copy, and check the option to suspend sync while the file is being worked on. (You'll only see this option if the file is synced.)

    After you use QuickBooks to restore the file to its original location, the sync will automatically resume during the next attempted sync.

    If you decide not to restore the file, or you restore it to a different location, you can use the Intuit Sync Manager to resume the sync manually.

  • You can manually disable the sync, move the company file, work on it elsewhere, move the file back, and then enable the sync. If you do this, you must follow the instructions in the Intuit Sync Manager Help to move the file. One or more log files must be moved along with the company file or you'll be forced to reupload the file for sync to continue.

If you don't plan to restore the backup, back up your files as you normally do. For example, if you create a backup, send it to your accountant, and then manually enter changes recommended by your accountant, there's no need to suspend sync or reupload your file.

Making a portable company file

You can make a portable file for a synced company, but the portable file can't be synced. That's fine for emailing the file; sync will continue with your regular company file. However, if you restore the portable file later and overwrite your existing synced file, the Intuit Sync Manager will be forced to reupload the restored file. If you restore the portable file in a different location, the restored file won't be synced.

Making routine, scheduled backups

Make scheduled backups as usual. If you need to restore one of these backups, the Sync Manager will need to reupload the restored company file from scratch. Most scheduled backups won't need to be restored, so that should be a rare situation.

Note: If you restore a backup that was created before the file was ever synced, the newly restored file won't sync and your online services will still attempt to sync with the old company. In this case you'll need to open the restored file in QuickBooks and then sign up for your online service again. When prompted to create an online company, click the Existing Company tab and select your original company.

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