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Intuit Data Protect overview

Intuit Data Protect is a subscription service that helps you protect your data from loss or damage due to virus, laptop theft, file corruption, fire, and so on. Your files are automatically backed up online over the Internet once a day, every day, at an automatically selected time to an offsite location. How do I subscribe?

If you're not already subscribed to the service, or if you need to activate an existing subscription, click the link in the Backup Status box in the lower right corner of the Home page.

Subscribe to Intuit Data Protect

With Intuit Data Protect, you don't need to create a schedule. It's all done for you. Backups run automatically once a day, every day, at an automatically selected time. Backups run in the background so you can continue working. Your computer needs to be on and you need to remain logged in to Windows and connected to the Internet. If your computer is off when a backup is scheduled to run, the backup automatically runs when you turn your computer back on. When is my next scheduled backup?

To see your next scheduled backup, click the View Details link in the Backup Status box in the lower right corner of the Home page.

See your next scheduled backup

The Backup Status page opens where you can see the details of your last backup, and the date and time of your next scheduled backup.

You don't need to close your company file. The backup runs while the file is open, so you can keep working without interruption. The only exception to this is if your company file is stored on a network server—then you'll need to close the file for the backup to run.

When you back up your QuickBooks company file everything you need to re-create your company file and QuickBooks environment is backed up as well. This includes all of the QuickBooks files (templates, letters, logos, and images) related to your company file, any files you've attached to items in QuickBooks, and your Financial Statement Designer, Cash Flow Projector, Business Planner, and Loan Manager files, if you're using these features. Each backup is stored for 45 days, so you're able to restore the most recent 45 days worth of data, if you ever need it.

You can check the status of your backup and access Intuit Data Protect at any time from the QuickBooks Home page.

Check the status of your backup

Or you can right-click the system tray iconto open Intuit Data Protect, where you can check your status and review your backup history.

System tray icon

Common questions

  • My files are on a server; are there any limitations I should know about?

    Yes. QuickBooks must be installed on your computer in order for Data Protect to run, although you can have your QuickBooks files and other data backed up from your server location. When you select the files for backup, you'll need to create a custom category to manually select any non-QuickBooks files you want to back up from the server. In order for the backup to run, server files must be closed.

  • Does Intuit Data Protect work in versions prior to QuickBooks 2011?

    Currently, no. You can back up older company files. However, Intuit Data Protect is not integrated within older versions of QuickBooks.

  • How is QuickBooks Online Backup different from Intuit Data Protect?

    Intuit Data Protect is a new backup service that fully integrates with QuickBooks. It provides status alerts on the QuickBooks home page so that you always know if your data is protected. With a choice of service plan options, you can focus on the data you need to protect without worrying about storage limits. You get enhanced backup capabilities that let you back up files while you're using them. And it' easy to restore data if you need to. Data Protect only works with QuickBooks 2011 and later, while QuickBooks Online Backup works work with all versions of QuickBooks. You can run both services concurrently, although there's no reason to use QuickBooks Online Backup if you're using Data Protect.

  • I signed up for a support plan or bundle that includes Intuit Data Protect. How do I activate Intuit Data Protect?

    1. Go to your QuickBooks Home page.

    2. Open the Backup Status section in the lower right corner and click the link to Activate Intuit Data Protect.

    3. Click the Already purchased? Sign In link on the next screen to bypass the purchase process.

    4. Sign in with your Intuit account user name and password, and continue setup. If you don't already have an Intuit account, you'll be prompted to create one.

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