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Back up company files using Intuit Data Protect

With Intuit Data Protect, you don't need to create a backup schedule or run manual backups. It's all done for you. Backups run automatically once a day, every day, at an automatically selected time. Backups run in the background so you can continue working. Your computer needs to be on and you need to remain logged in to Windows and connected to the Internet. If your computer is off while a backup is scheduled to run, the backup automatically runs when you turn your computer back on. Find out more.

However, if you'd like to run a manual backup, you can do this at anytime.

To do this task

  1. Go to your QuickBooks Home page.

  2. Open the Backup Status section in the lower right corner and click the View Details link.

  3. In the Backup Status page, click Back Up Now.

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