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Should I check the box to suspend sync?

If you're creating a backup that you intend to work on and then restore later, check the box to suspend sync with your online services. For example:

  • You're creating a backup for your accountant to work on and you plan to restore the backup when you get it back.

  • You plan to take the backup home to work on yourself.

After you restore the backup to its original location, sync will automatically resume during the next attempted sync.

You can still use your online services while sync is suspended, but updates you make to QuickBooks won't be reflected online until sync is resumed, or vice-versa with a 2-way sync.

Note: If you suspend sync, you won't have the option on the next screen to only schedule regular backups. Sync will be suspended while this backup is being worked on, but it won't be suspended for other scheduled backups.

What if I don't suspend sync and then I restore the backup later?

If you don't suspend sync while the file is being worked on, the Intuit Sync Manager will need to reupload your company file from scratch after you restore the backup. Why should I avoid this?

If your online service syncs both ways and you don't suspend sync, when you restore the backup file it will overwrite any changes that were synced from your online service into QuickBooks while the backup was being worked on.

Are there times I should not check the box to suspend sync?

You probably don't want to suspend sync if:

  • You're creating a routine backup with no immediate plans to restore the backup.

    If you don't suspend sync but do end up restoring the backup later, the Intuit Sync Manager will need to reupload your company file after the restore. Although this can take a long time and you might need to take additional steps after the reupload to restore a 2-way sync, you will then be able to resume sync.

  • You're sending the backup to your accountant, but you'll enter your accountant's changes manually instead of restoring the backup. For example, your accountant tells you the needed updates by email or phone and then you enter the changes in QuickBooks yourself.

    In this case there is no need to suspend sync or reupload the company file.

Is there a better option?

If you're making this backup for your accountant, see if you can use an Accountant's Copy instead. This lets you work on your company file at the same time as your accountant. You'll import changes from your accountant into your current company file, and there is no need to either suspend sync or reupload your company file.

To create an Accountant's Copy instead of a regular backup, click Back and then select Accountant's Copy. See Accountant's Copy overview to learn if this option can work for you.

What if I suspend sync and then decide I don't want to restore the backup?

No problem. If you're not going to restore the backup, you can manually resume sync at any time. Go to the Intuit Sync Manager and click Fix Problem by the suspended sync. Sync Manager will then give you the option to resume sync.

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