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Select a location to restore backups and portable files

Now that the backup copy or portable file you want to restore is open, you can specify the folder where you want to restore it.

Before you click Next, keep these things in mind:

  • If you are restoring a backup

    The files you restore will enable you to recover your company file and recreate your QuickBooks environment. If you do not want to overwrite your existing company file, restore the company file to a new folder. The supporting files (such as templates, letters, images, and so forth) are located in the \Restored_(company filename)_Files folder. For details about those files and completing the restore process, see the file HowToRestoreExternalFiles.txt located in the restore folder in the directory where you restored your files and completing the restore process.

    What if I'm restoring a backup of a synced file?

    If you're restoring a backup of a file synced with online services using the Intuit Sync Manager, and the sync for that file is suspended, you probably want to overwrite the existing company file. Sync will then be automatically resumed during the next sync attempt.

    To see if the sync for this file is suspended, check the file's Status in the Intuit Sync Manager. Check with your administrator if the Sync Manager is not running on your machine.

    If you restore the synced file to a different location, sync will not be automatically resumed. After you restore the file to a new location, go to the Intuit Sync Manager and click Fix Problem by the suspended sync. Sync Manager will then give you the option to find the restored file and resume sync

  • If you are restoring a portable file

    To prevent overwriting your existing company file while restoring the portable company file, be sure to rename the company file when you are prompted to restore it. For example, you may want to add a date or version number, such as mycompanyname-Jan2-2006.QBW, or mycompanyname-v2.QBW.

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