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Set your local backup options

Use the Backup Options window to set default options for your manual and automatic backups.

Note: If you're using an online backup service such as Intuit Data Protect or QuickBooks Online Backup, you can use this window to set reminders and verification settings. Any other options you set affect local backups only.

Indicate where to store your local backup copies (Required)

Locate the directory where you want to store your local backups. The directory you choose remains your default until you change it. This location is for your manual and automatic backups—it is not for your scheduled backups.

Add a timestamp (Optional)

You can add a timestamp to your backup filename (the day and time of the backup) to prevent overwriting of your local backup files. The filename looks like this: Company Filename (Backup Dec1,2006 12 00 AM).qbb.

If you don't choose this option, your backup file is overwritten each time you save a backup unless you rename the file. If you choose to add a timestamp, you can also set a limit to the number of the backups stored in your backup folder.

Note: This setting applies only to your manual backups. Clearing this setting doesn't remove the timestamp from your scheduled and automatic backups.

Limit the number of backup copies in a folder (Optional)

When you choose to add a timestamp to save multiple versions, you can limit the number of copies you keep for manual backups to help manage space on your computer. Enter a number to indicate how many copies you want to keep. When you reach your limit, the oldest file is removed and the newest one is saved. If you don't specify a number, QuickBooks saves all of your backups.

Note: This limit applies only to backups you create using the backup wizard. It doesn't apply to other types of backups that QuickBooks creates, such as when you condense a company file, import Accountant's changes into a company file, or update an older company file.

Set reminders (Optional)

Select the checkbox and enter a number to determine how often you're reminded to back up your company file. To remove the reminder, clear the checkbox.

Set verification level (Required)

When you run a backup or create a portable file, QuickBooks first verifies the integrity of your company file before it continues the backup or creates the portable file. You can choose between:

  • Complete verification—This level checks both the data in the database and the accuracy of your company file. We recommend that you use this verification level as part of your regular backup routine.

    Note: If you're working in multi-user mode, this option is not available. Use Quicker verification instead.

  • Quicker verification—This level checks the database only. Although it's faster, it doesn't check the accuracy of your company file.

  • No verification—There may be specific instances when you need to quickly back up a file without verifying it. Don't use this verification level as part of your regular backup routine.

    Important: If you select the No verification option, QuickBooks won't create a transaction log file.

If you're using QuickBooks Online Backup, your company file is verified based on this setting before the QuickBooks Online Backup application opens.

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