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Create a progress invoice from an estimate

What is progress invoicing?

What is progress invoicing?

To do this task

  1. If necessary, turn on progress invoicing.

    The preference for progress invoicing on the Company Preferences tab of the Job & Estimates Preferences window must be on.

    When the preference is on, you have access to another standard invoice design, called Progress Invoice. In addition to the standard columns for invoicing, this design provides columns that show the estimate amount, the percentage of the amount you invoiced previously, and the total percentage you've invoiced to date. As with the other designs for business forms, you can customize the Progress Invoice to suit your business needs.

    When progress invoicing is off, you can still create an invoice from an estimate, but QuickBooks does not keep track of the amount or percentage remaining if you want to invoice in stages.

  2. Go to the Customers menu and click Create Estimates. Shortcut

  3. Click Create Invoice at the top of the Create Estimates window.

  4. Indicate how you want QuickBooks to set up the invoice, then click OK.

    What each option does

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  5. If you choose to invoice for selected items, or for a different percentage of each item, specify the amounts or percentages to put on the invoice, and then click OK.

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