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Create an invoice from an estimate

When a customer has accepted your estimate and has agreed to pay a fixed amount (rather than for actual time and costs), you can turn the entire estimate into an invoice.

What if I already entered time and expenses for this job?

If you've already entered your actual time and expenses and assigned them to this job, you don't need to create an estimate first. Instead, create the invoice and click the Add Time/Costs button to include your time and expenses on the invoice.

To do this task

  1. Open the estimate.

    Open the estimate.
  2. Click Create Invoice at the top of the estimate form.

    Note: If you have progress invoicing turned on, specify what to include on the invoice as prompted.

  3. When the invoice appears, edit the invoice as needed.

  4. Click Print to print the invoice now, or select the To be printed checkbox to print it with a batch of invoices later.

  5. Save the invoice.

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