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Create an estimate

Watch a 4-minute tutorial about creating estimates

To do this task

  1. Make sure the estimates feature is turned on.

  2. Go to the Customers menu and click Create Estimates. Shortcut

  3. Enter the line items.

    Tips for jobs invoiced in stages

    If you usually invoice for phases of a job, and you plan to turn your estimate into a series of progress invoices, divide the estimate into sections. Make each section correspond to one phase. Enter a subtotal item after items for each phase.

    When you turn the estimate into a progress invoice for one phase, it will be easy to invoice 100% (or another percentage) of the items for that phase alone.

  4. (Optional) If your customer uses a currency different than your home currency, you can manually adjust the exchange rate if necessary.

    QuickBooks uses the most recent exchange rate from the Currency list for foreign transactions.

    Exchange rates can't be changed for home currency transactions. The exchange rate field on home currency names and accounts is disabled and always uses a value of 1.0.

  5. (If necessary) Change any sales tax information.

    Topic titled "Changing sales tax information for a specific sale" goes here
  6. (If you use class tracking) If you want to track this estimate by location, subsidiary, group, and so on, enter the class information.

  7. If you want to print the estimate, click the Print button.

  8. Save the estimate.

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