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Add columns for units of measure on an estimate

QuickBooks cannot perform calculations or conversions based on units of measure; however, you can add an extra column so you can enter units of measure on the estimate form.

To do this task

  1. Go to the Customers menu and click Create Estimates. Shortcut

  2. Click Customize to open the Basic Customization window.

  3. Click Manage Templates and enter a new unique name for the template in the Template Name field. Then click OK.

  4. Click Additional Customization.

  5. Click the Columns tab.

  6. For one of the two Other columns, select the Screen and Print checkboxes.

  7. (Optional) Change the position of the column by indicating the position you want in the Order field.

    One (1) indicates the leftmost column on the form.

  8. In the Title field, enter a name like UOM or Units for the new column.

    If you use a long title like Units of Measure you might need to use the Layout Designer to widen the column to accommodate the text.

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