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If you turn off the estimates feature...

QuickBooks retains all estimates you have created. However, if the estimate feature is off, you can't display estimates from the Customers menu, and Estimates are not listed as a transaction type in the Customer Center.

To view all your estimates when the Estimates feature is turned off

  1. Go to the Reports menu, click Customers & Receivables, and then click Transaction List by Customer. Shortcut

  2. Customize and filter the report as necessary to display the transactions you want to see.

  3. QuickZoom on a transaction to open the estimate.

To view estimates for a specific customer when the Estimates feature is turned off

  1. Click Customer Center.

  2. In the Customers & Jobs tab, select the customer.

  3. Click the Show drop-down arrow and then click All Transactions.

    Estimates will be included with the rest of the transactions for that customer.

  4. QuickZoom on an estimate to open it.

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