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Overview of using estimates

An estimate is a description of work you can do or products you can provide for customers. QuickBooks refers to this as creating an estimate, but you can give the form your own title such as bid, grant, or proposal.

Writing an estimate is very similar to writing an invoice. You can:

  • Customize the headings, fields, and columns that appear on your estimates.

  • Apply each estimate to a customer or job or apply multiple estimates to a job.

  • Start with a blank estimate and enter items already on your Items list, or enter new items as you write. You can also start with a memorized estimate that is partly filled in. Memorizing an estimate is useful if your estimates often contain the same information.

  • Modify an existing estimate anytime and resubmit it to your customer.

  • Duplicate an estimate with the click of a button.

  • E-mail the estimate to your customer directly from QuickBooks.

  • Turn the estimate into an invoice (after the customer accepts your estimate), modifying it as necessary.

  • You can also turn one estimate into a series of progress invoices, each of which invoices for part of the total estimate.

  • Create a report to compare your actual costs and revenues with your estimated costs and revenues.

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