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Preview what your customers will see

When you send a business form by email, or an invoice by mail, your customer receives the "printable" version. This may be different from the "onscreen" version you see on your monitor. For example, fields or columns that appear in the onscreen version might not appear in the printable version, and vice versa.

Your forms are sent as PDF file email attachments, or, in the case of mailed invoices, as a printed invoice. This format preserves the formatting and page layout of your form, so what your customer receives looks just like what you would print in QuickBooks.

To preview content

  • For invoices and estimates: To open the invoice or estimate, click the Print drop-down arrow and then click Print Preview. This shows you the fields and columns your customer will see.

  • For statements: In the Create Statements window, click Preview after you've selected the statement's information. This shows you the fields and columns your customer will see.

To preview appearance

E-mail a business form to yourself before you send it to your customer.

Changing what the form shows (invoices, estimates, statements)

If Print Preview shows fields you don't want your customers to see, customize the form either by editing the template you used to create it, or by creating a new template specifically for emails. In either case, you choose which fields and columns appear when the form is printed. If you decide to create a new template, be sure to choose it from the Form Template drop-down list when you create an invoice or estimate you intend to email. For statements, choose it from the Format drop-down list when you create a statement.

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