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Email forms by batch

You don't need to send forms one by one. If you have many forms to send, you can have QuickBooks hold them to be sent later in a single operation.

To do this task

  1. When you finish creating a form, do one of the following:

    • For invoices: Select the To be emailed or To be mailed through QuickBooks checkbox and save the invoice.

    • For estimates: Select the To be emailed checkbox and save the estimate.

    • For statements: Click Email, edit the cover note if you like, and click Send Later.

    If you prefer, you can have QuickBooks automatically select this checkbox for you each time you create a form by changing your preferences for sending forms.

  2. When you are ready to send the forms, go to the File menu and click Send Forms.

  3. In the Select Forms to Send window, check the forms listed. If you do not want to send a particular form at this time, click the checkmark that appears to the left of the form's entry in the list.

    Forms that remain checked will be sent. Forms you uncheck are held to be sent at a later time.

  4. If necessary, customize the cover note for each recipient:

    • Click the Down Arrow key to move the highlight to the next invoice or estimate in the list.

    • Click Edit email to customize the cover note.

  5. Click Send Now.

If you're using your own email program, QuickBooks sends the batch to your email program and your email program then sends the email for you. If you see warning messages in Outlook Express or Windows Mail, you can turn these messages off.

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