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Register to send email from QuickBooks

If this is the first time you have attempted to email from QuickBooks, you are given the opportunity to register your email address with QuickBooks Business Services and to sign up for QuickBooks Billing Solutions and QuickBooks Merchant Account Service. Emailing from QuickBooks is free, but Intuit suggests you create a Business Services Account before you send your first email. You can use the same login information to access any service on the Intuit Business Services network.

Creating an Intuit Business Services account offers several benefits:

  • Allows our servers to identify you and your company so that we can process your service requests and provide you with a custom experience. This also allows us to send you pertinent messages related to the services you have subscribed to.

  • Allows you to access the Web-only features of your services from outside of QuickBooks.

  • Protects your data in case of computer problems.

  • Helps keep your account secure by verifying your identity.

  • By providing your login name and password each time you connect to Intuit Business Services, you help to keep your account access secure.

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