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Use the Select Forms to Send window

Use the Select Forms to Send window to select and email forms.

To do this task

  1. Under Forms To Send, review the list of forms and click to clear the checkboxes next to the forms you don't want to send now. Unchecked forms remain on the list to be sent later.

  2. (Optional) Click any form in the list to preview its cover note.

    To edit the cover note, click the Edit E-mail button. In the window that opens, make your changes and click OK.

  3. Click the Send Now button.

More about the window

Select All

If you make mistakes when selecting forms and want to start over, click Select All to restore all checkmarks.

Select None

If you want to send only a few forms out of a long list, click Select None to remove all the checkmarks. Then select the forms that you want to send.

Remove a form from the list

To do this task

  1. Select the form you want to remove from the list.

  2. Click Remove.

Note: Removing a form doesn't delete it but only removes it from the list of forms to be sent.

To email a form that you removed from the list:

  1. Open the form.

  2. Click the Send drop-down arrow and select E-mail to send the email immediately. Or select the To be emailed checkbox to put it back on the list of forms to be sent.

Note: For statements, choose Customers > Billing Solutions, and then click Send Batch.

Sort the list

Click the column heading that you want to sort by. For example, to sort the entries by amount, click the Amount column heading.

Other options

Note: These options may appear if you subscribe to QuickBooks Billing Solution.

Billing Solutions Options

Billing Solutions Options

Account Activity

Displays recent billing activity.

Payable Online?

If you subscribe to QuickBooks Billing Solution and have selected emailed invoices for online payment, you also see a Payable Online? column with a "Yes" or "No" showing which invoices are selected for online payment.

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