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Enter Email Address (optional)

Use the Add Email Info window

Use the Add Email Info window to tell QuickBooks about your web email provider.

  1. In the Email Id field, enter your email address.

  2. Click the Email Provider drop-down arrow and select your provider. My provider is not on the list.

    1. Check with your email provider to gather the information you need for steps c, d, and e.

    2. Select Others.

    3. Enter the Server Name.

    4. Enter the Port.

    5. Select SSL if necessary.

    QuickBooks fills in the server details for you, but you can change the server name, port, or security setting if necessary.

    1. In the Add Email Info window, click OK.

    2. In the My Preferences tab of the Preferences window, click Edit.

    3. Make your changes. If you want to let QuickBooks use its default settings, click Reset Default.

    Note: If your email provider offers secure (SSL) connections, QuickBooks automatically selects the SSL checkbox for added security. However, some web email providers don't offer secure connections, so be sure to check with your email provider before selecting the SSL checkbox.

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