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View and add document details

You can view and add details about your documents, such as a description, comments, and keywords.

To do this task

  1. From the Doc Center or the Attach Documents window, select a document.

  2. Click the View Details button.

  3. View information about the document name, the user who added it, the date it was added, its size, and its format. You can't make changes to this information.

  4. Add or edit additional information.

    • Title: A title you give the document (for example, "Utility bill Jan 2011")

    • Description: A description of the document (for example, "utility bill from Bayshore with overdue charge")

    • Keywords: Add keywords to help you search and categorize documents (for example, "bayshore, utility, overdue")

    • Comments: Additional information you want to keep about the document (for example, "payment posted to wrong account; overdue charges credited on next bill per Kristy A 2/3/11")

  5. Click Save & Close to save changes you made, or click Cancel to close the window without changes.

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