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View and share online documents

You can view and share online document only if you have an existing subscription to the QuickBooks Attached Documents app. Intuit no longer offers subscriptions to this app, although users with existing subscriptions can continue to use and pay for the service. The Doc Center in QuickBooks 2012 has built-in local document storage on your computer for free.

Viewing online documents

When you have an existing subscription to QuickBooks Attached Documents, you can view your online docs in two places: in the Doc Center in QuickBooks, or online when you sign in to your QuickBooks Attached Docs app.

Some tips:
  • If you added documents online but don't see them in the Doc Center in QuickBooks, click the Refresh Online Documents link at the top of the Doc Center window.

  • To work directly in QuickBooks Attached Documents, use your browser to go to Intuit App Center and sign in. Then select QuickBooks Attached Documents from the apps you subscribe to.

Sharing online documents

You must sign in to QuickBooks Attached Documents to be able to share a document. When you share a document, the recipient receives an email with a link to the document, with no need to sign in.

The Doc Center in QuickBooks lets you see all your documents, whether you store them locally on your computer or online with an existing subscription. If you're online and working in QuickBooks Attached Documents, you only see the documents you store online.

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