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Search for documents

The Doc Center lists all documents you've added to QuickBooks. You can find specific documents by searching.

To do this task

  1. Choose Company > Documents > Doc Center to open the Doc Center.

  2. In the Search field, enter what you want to search for. You can enter information about a document, like a document name or keywords you added as details. Or you can enter general company file information like a customer name, transaction number, a date, and more.

  3. Press Enter or click the magnifying glass icon in the Search field. Documents that match what you entered appear in the document list.

  4. (Optional) If your search doesn't return any results, update search information to be sure QuickBooks is searching through the latest data in your company file.

    1. At the bottom of the Doc Center, click Update Search Information. The Preferences window for Search opens.

    2. Click the Update Now button.

    3. In the Search Update window, click OK.

    4. In the Preferences window, click OK.

  5. Click Close to close the Doc Center when you're done.

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