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Intuit.com account information

To use services on most of the Intuit sites, you need an Intuit Account. You use this same account for multiple services such as Intuit.com, Turbotax.com, Workplace, and Quicken.com.

Determine whether you have an Intuit Account

If you use services such as Intuit.com, Turbotax.com, Workplace, or Quicken.com, you probably already have an Intuit Account.

Use the Go online My Account - Sign In page to sign in to your account. Note that your User ID is an email address.

Use the Go online Account Setup page to create an account.

Sign up for a new service

Services that require an Intuit Account walk you through creating an Intuit Account during the signup process for the service. You can begin the signup process for a service at any time and set up your Intuit Account when prompted to do so.

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