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What happens to attachments when I move my company file?

When you move a company file, usually you create a portable file or a backup and then restore it. In either case, QuickBooks doesn't include attachments.

You need to move the folder with the attachments manually to keep them with your company file.

To do this task

  1. Find the Attach folder for your company file. It's in the same folder where your QuickBooks company file is located.

    • For example, if your company file is located in c:\Documents and Settings\YourName\My Documents\YourBusiness\Your Biz.qbw, then the Attach folder is also located in c:\Documents and Settings\YourName\My Documents\YourBusiness\

  2. Move your company file to the location you want by creating a backup or portable company file and restoring it to the new location.

  3. Copy the entire Attach folder to the new location.

  4. Close your company file and reopen it.

  5. Check that attachments are intact by clicking the Docs icon to open the Doc Center.

    • If the Doc Center lists the attachments, you don't need to do anything else.

    • If the attachments aren't listed, be sure that the Attach folder is in the correct location—it should be at the same level in the directory as the company file itself.

What if I have more than one company file?

If you have more than one company file in the same folder, the Attach folder has a subfolder for each company, like this:





  • If you're moving all the company files (to a new computer, for example), then move the entire Attach folder—including all subfolders—to the new location.

  • If you're moving a single company file only, first create a new, empty Attach folder in the same folder that you're moving the single company file to. Then copy the appropriate subfolder from the original Attach folder and paste it into the new, empty Attach folder.

What if I just copy all my QuickBooks files to a new location?

If you manually copy all of your QuickBooks files to a new location (without creating a portable or backup file), you'll also need to manually copy the Attach folder to the new location.

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