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Selecting payments to deposit

Use this window to select the customer payments you want to include in this deposit.

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  • What's in this window?

    Use this window to select the customer payments you want to include in this deposit. You can select all the payments listed, or any combination of individual payments. The payments shown are those that you entered in the Receive Payments window, or the Enter Sales Receipts window, or from Payment items you entered on invoices or other sales forms.

    Only payments for which you selected Undeposited Funds will appear here.

    Note: Credit memos processed by the QuickBooks Merchant Service will also appear in the Payments to Deposit window.

    Select the payments you want to deposit and click OK to open the Make Deposits window. Use the Make Deposits window to select the account into which you want to deposit the payments selected in this window.

    On the form

    View payment method type

    In the Select View area near the top of the window, you can filter payments by type.

    • Choose All types to display all payment types.

    • Choose Selected types to select individual or combinations of payment types. Use Other credit card for credit cards other than MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover (such as Diner's Club). Use Other for payments other than cash, check, or credit card (such as Barter payments).

    • Choose an individual payment type to display just the selected payment type. Cash and Check, and MasterCard and Visa, are categorized as single payment types because most banks group these deposits together.

    Note: For QuickBooks Merchant Service subscribers, the list of payments will be displayed in batches for each day, sorted by date and by payment method.

    View payments for currency

    QuickBooks displays the payments for the selected currency only.

    For foreign deposits, select the currency for the foreign payments you want to receive.

    Select All

    Selects all payments to deposit.

    Select None

    Deselects all payments to deposit.

    Get Funding Status

    Gets funding status for all credit card deposits, whether they are selected or not.

  • Deposit funds from your Undeposited Funds account

  • Select foreign payments to deposit

  • Delete a payment from Undeposited Funds

  • Deposit non-sales receipts

  • Get funding status (Merchant Service)

  • Deposit Point of Sale transactions

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