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View single or multiple windows on the QuickBooks desktop

QuickBooks is preset to show individual windows for each task. This enables you to easily move between tasks as well as compare data in multiple windows. When you open a window, it opens to a preset size and location. You can resize and move each window as you see fit.

If some windows aren't visible

Depending on how you size or arrange the windows, some windows might not be visible.

  1. Use the Windows menu to view a list of open windows.

  2. Click the window name in the menu to bring it to the front.

Alternatively, you can use the Open Windows List to have the list of open windows always visible on the left side of the QuickBooks application window.

To do this task

  1. If you prefer to view only one window at a time, go to the View menu and click One Window.


    To view more than one window at a time, go to the View menu and click Multiple Windows.

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