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Change your screen resolution

You can change your screen resolution to display more or less information (measured in pixels per inch) in the same amount of space.

When you increase your screen resolution—for example, to 1024 X 768—your computer decreases the size of windows and their contents to display more in a given space. When you decrease your screen resolution—for example, to 800 X 600—your computer increases the size of windows and their contents. Window contents appear more legible, but you may need to scroll to see some information.

The recommended screen resolution for QuickBooks is 1024 X 768. However, QuickBooks also supports 800 X 600 (with small fonts).

At lower resolutions, such as 640 X 480 or 800 X 600 (large fonts), the icon bar does not appear and some parts of the QuickBooks application may appear truncated.

To do this task

  1. In QuickBooks, click Edit and click Preferences.

  2. Click the Desktop View preference category in the list on the left.

  3. On the My Preferences tab, click the Display button located in the Windows Settings section to open the Display Properties window.

  4. On the Settings tab, drag the Screen resolution slider to the desired setting. Dragging the slider towards Less will decrease the screen resolution and increase the size of objects displayed.

    Your monitor and display adapter hardware limit how much you can change your screen resolution (Desktop Area).

    Note: Changes to display settings affect all applications on your computer, not just your QuickBooks desktop view.

  5. Click OK to temporarily display the screen with the new setting. To keep the new setting, click Yes when prompted.

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