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Press Enter to move between fields (preference)

Changes how the Enter key behaves in QuickBooks. Normally, pressing Enter is the equivalent of clicking OK or Record (both of which close the current window). For windows that use the Save & New button, pressing Enter saves your work and opens a new form so that you can continue working. Some people, however, expect the Enter key to move to the next field so that they can continue to enter data. If you select this preference, the text cursor moves to the next field when you press Enter.

When this preference is on, you can press Enter to move between fields, but you must record transactions by clicking OK, Record, Save & Close, or Save & New, or by pressing Ctrl+Enter.

When this preference is off, you must press Tab or click in a field to move from field to field.

Where to find this preference:

Open the general preferences.

Opening general preferences
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