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Automatically recall information (preferences)

You can have QuickBooks pre-fill new transactions based on previous transactions.

To do this task

  1. Open the general preferences.

    Opening general preferences
  2. Click Automatically remember account or transaction information.

  3. Click one of the following two preferences.

    • Automatically recall last transaction for this name: Sets up QuickBooks to remember the previous transaction for a person. When you enter a new transaction, QuickBooks automatically fills out the form with information you entered in the last transaction of that type for that person. For example, when you enter a vendor's name on a bill and press Tab, QuickBooks fills in the bill just like the most recent one you entered for that vendor.


      This preference works only with bills, checks, credit card charges, invoices, and sales receipts. For invoices and sales receipts, it completes Ship Via, Ref Doc (PO Number), and Free On Board (FOB) values. This preference has no effect on purchase orders, payroll liability checks, or credit memos.

    • Pre-fill accounts for vendor based on past entries: Sets up QuickBooks to pre-fill the account for a vendor transaction based on previous transactions for that vendor. QuickBooks remembers all your recent transactions for a vendor, not just the most recent one. If you consistently use the same account for a vendor, QuickBooks will automatically pre-fill that information any time you select the vendor in a bill or credit card transaction.

      Note: This preference only recalls accounts used for a vendor on vendor specific transactions such as entering a bill or paying a bill. QuickBooks will not recall accounts used with a vendor on other transactions such as checks.

      How does QuickBooks know which account to pre-fill?

      This preference is "smart" about when to pre-fill account information when you select a vendor. For example, if you pay the rent every month from the same account, QuickBooks will soon start to pre-fill the bills you enter to your landlord with the usual account.

      When you use different accounts for a vendor, the account will not be pre-filled. For example, you might pay bills to a warehouse supplier out of several different accounts, depending on the purchase. So the next time you pay a bill to that warehouse, QuickBooks will not pre-fill the account.

      What if I set default expense accounts for a vendor?

      If you set default expenses accounts for a vendor, the default expense accounts override the "Pre-fill accounts for vendor based on past entries" option in general preferences.

  4. Click the OK button.

You can always override any pre-filled information in a transaction.

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